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Childcare Methodology

The CEFA system is an educational childcare method designed to educate the whole child, not simply academically, but socially, emotionally and physically. Each aspect of the CEFA child development program provides knowledge and stimulation to your child’s brain in different ways.

An example of how one component of our program provides multiple learning is our Visual Arts program. Your child will:
  • Gain an understanding of the history of art
  • Be introduced to different mediums of art, such as: sculpture, watercolours, three-dimensional art and acrylics
  • Develop their social-emotional skills, fine motor and gross motor skills, as well as cognitive development and reasoning skills

Unlike many daycare and preschool programs, the CEFA method is based on a contemporary approach to early childhood development, which reflects the needs of children worldwide in today’s society, and aims to ensure that your child is provided with a voice. Your child’s special, unique individuality is celebrated, and they are encouraged to express themselves with joy and exuberance.

Our program

The CEFA program was created in 1996 by Natacha V. Beim, a trained elementary school and junior kindergarten teacher. The original curriculum component of the program was based on the French standards of junior kindergarten, a strong element still in the program today.

Over the years, the program has evolved and been influenced by different learning styles Natacha observed throughout the world, while on her quest for an internationally standardized program.

Natacha spent time observing teaching techniques in countries such as Korea and China where there is a strong focus on the academics, in Italy studying the Reggio Emilia and Montessori methodologies, and in Canada where there is a greater focus on play-based learning in daycare environments.

The CEFA curriculum is constantly evolving and improving. Our CEFA Certified Teachers find ways of improving and updating the childcare curriculum by creating CEFA games that all CEFA Certified Teachers have access to and are able to build upon.

The CEFA method

  • Presents your child with the possibility to discover and challenge themselves and their potential
  • Enables your child to have a variety of learning experiences from core subjects, extra curricular activities, as well as ample outdoor play, fieldtrips, free exploration of materials in the classrooms and nap time
  • Is well planned, yet allows children to have freedom and encourages as much creativity as possible
  • Has elements of the very structured Montessori methodology but also incorporates the emergent curriculum of methodologies such as Reggio Emilia.