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The Importance of Early Learning

CEFA Systems Inc. was established in 1998 by Natacha V. Beim. Having worked as an elementary school teacher, as well as a junior kindergarten teacher in Europe, Beim experienced firsthand the incredible effect of early academic exposure in young children.

The BC Provincial Office for the Early Years knows the importance and value of early education. The first 5 years of a child's life are the most critical in the formation of their brain and can have dramatic impact on the rest of their lives. These three videos come from their office to explain.

Natacha Beim engages with a child at CEFA's early learning preschool

The First Early Learning School

CEFA Early Learning was born in 1998 in response to typical daycare centres which are more focused on play rather than the a blend of education, play and the arts. Its gentle yet challenging approach to education was a great success amongst Canadian families and surpassed our founder's goal of establishing an exciting and stimulating environment for Vancouver’s youngest children.

The popularity of the approach, as well as the evident results in the children who had graduated from the school, resulted in the franchising of the school in 2003, and now we are expanding across Canada with over a dozen locations so far.