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Summer Program

During the months of July and August, your child will participate in four out of seven distinct summer classes selected by the school. CEFA’s Summer Program offers children the opportunity to develop their creative and social skills through a variety of Summer activities and projects.

The program incorporates CEFA’s unique methodology as well as our own CEFA games and curriculum related to Reading, Writing and Math.

CEFA Great OutdoorsScience Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM)

CEFA’s STEM curriculum provides a platform for children to acquire skills for solid growth in the areas of science,technology, engineering and mathematics. The program offers engaging and stimulating experiences for children.

Each STEM challenge encompasses learning in at least two disciplines and incorporates materials and situations
which are interesting and meaningful for the children.

From building solar ovens to zip-lines and robots, etc., the CEFA STEM curriculum accommodates and promotes innovative and out of the box thinking to achieve and maximize learning objectives and outcomes.

Some of CEFA STEM challenges include the following:

  • Catapults (Engineering)
  • Water Slides (Science / Engineering)
  • Race Tracks (Engineering)
  • Kites (Engineering)
  • Straw Rockets (Engineering / Science)
  • Zip Lines (Engineering)
  • Robots (Engineering / Technology)
  • Jellybeans (Mathematics / Science)

CEFA Little ChefsLittle Chefs

Have you ever wished that you were taught how to cook at an earlier age? This course gives your child that opportunity. Children will make simple healthy recipes and then plant the apple seeds next to grass seeds to hypothesize which will grow faster. From making homemade jam, tasting different flavour combinations to discover one that satisfies their taste buds to baking a pizza,

The Little Chef’s experience will definitely help them to become aware of healthy eating as well as develop an interest in culinary skills!

CEFA Great OutdoorsCamping & the Great Outdoors

Your children will enjoy the great outdoors, while playing a variety of amazing team and independent summer sports, games and activities. They will combine creativity with nature by making pet rocks, twig frames, sun catchers and sun prints. This course will instill a love for the outdoors and natural environments in your children.

Art Expressions

Children will have the opportunity to build and enhance their creative expression through a variety of artistic media. They will explore painting, sketching, sculpting, and photography, enjoying the art of creation with their imagination and uniqueness in the process.

We are the World

We Are the World

In the course, children will have the opportunity to learn about their classroom, teachers, new friends, and the community that surrounds them. Recognizing similarities and differences that bring communities together and promote diversity. They will introduce their family and their culture to understand and embrace other cultures and traditions. Children will create a family tree with photos for a show and tell session that focuses on their roots.

Music and Movement

Music and Movement

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Music and Movement will have your children experiencing different music, from classical to rock and roll, while dancing to their heart’s content. Children will learn to recognize and dance to different tempos, beats and rhythms and will explore a variety of movement techniques by using props as they move like an astronaut, dinosaur, ballerina, or a cowboy. Children will also learn about famous musicians, such as Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. They will experiment with various instruments to creat their own music and even attempt writing their own music.

Nutty Professors

Nutty Professors

In the course, children will experiment with different materials and use the scientic method to delve into a variety of engaging hands on projects that make Science fun. Children will discover through experiments what sinks and floats, explore how magnets attract, watch a rocket take off by using Science, and make their own volcanic eruptions.