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Summer Program

During the months of July and August, your child will participate in four out of six distinct summer classes selected by the school. CEFA’s Summer Program offers children the opportunity to develop their creative and social skills through a variety of summer activities and projects. 

The program incorporates CEFA’s unique methodology as well as our own CEFA games and curriculum related to Reading, Writing, and Math. For specific details consult your summer newsletter!

CEFA Little ChefsLittle Chefs

Find out what’s cooking at CEFA!

Instill a love for healthy cooking in your child, as they learn how to work with others in the kitchen. They will be taught different methods of measuring, mixing, and cutting ingredients, as they play restaurant in our dramatic play area.

CEFA Great OutdoorsCamping & the Great Outdoors

During this course, children will develop their gross motor skills through sports, olympic games, and outdoor activities. Children will also bring the campground experience into the class by creating props and materials to extend their imagination.

Art Expressions

Express yourself in every way! Act in a play, make a puppet to take home, dance to your heart’s content, play music, and paint. This is the perfect camp for the creative minds. In this camp, children will be exploring a variety of artistic mediums including canvas painting, and sculpting. The children will be able to explore their creativity, celebrate their uniqueness, and laugh with friends in a variety of activities all day long.

We are the World

We Are the World

Let’s explore the cultures and traditions of the world, including their most delicious dishes.

Find out all about recycling and other cool things to help our planet, and discover how it was millions of years ago, by finding secret places where you can dig for dinosaur bones and other ancient treasures.

Music and Movement

Music and Movement

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Children will cultivate positive self-expression while exploring different movement techniques and musical sounds. This course will offer the opportunity to experiment how sound is made, learn about composers, and even paint with their feet!

The CEFA music curriculum is proud to incorporate the Award Winning Fun with Composers series.  Fun with Composers sparks excitement and develops in children an appreciation for classical music.  Through the integration of children’s literature, storytelling, drama, creative movement, song and instrumental play, classical music is taken from its sophisticated, mysterious realm to one that is completely child-centered and fascinating.  Musical concepts and skills to match the child’s developmental level are creatively woven into the lessons so the focus remains on imaginative fun!  For more information on this series please visit or contact your Principal directly.

Nutty Professors

Nutty Professors

Science can be fun! Children will learn the different properties of liquids and bases when mixed, through activities such as making volcanoes, rocketships, and parascopes.