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CEFA Teacher Training

At CEFA, we value each Teacher for what they bring to the table, from their credentials and experience, to their love and care for children.

To complement these amazing qualities and be able to work with our curriculum we require the specialization needed to succeed: The CEFA Teacher Training®. The CEFA Teacher Training® is unique educational training developed by Natacha V. Beim, Founder and CEO of CEFA.

During the two-semester course, Teachers will learn our curriculum and philosophy and be able to implement them in their classrooms.

Licensed Early Childhood Educators

First, each of our Teachers must be a licensed Early Childhood Educator, meaning they can work in a daycare or preschool environment.
They will then go through the CEFA Teacher Training which will enable them to work in one of our specialized junior kindergarten schools. Taking the CEFA Teacher Training will provide our Teachers with the tools to be successful with our curriculum and to be inspired and inspire others with the unique CEFA program. The training hours can also be used towards renewing their ECE licenses!
Teachers will take with them, for life, this unique experience, a training that will remind them that teaching young children is a combination of fun and academics, but most importantly a day-to-day inspiration that flows in every possible direction.

CEFA Teacher Training content includes

  • Being a teacher at CEFA
  • The CEFA philosophy, working with children and families
  • The CEFA curriculum, games, and materials
  • Teaching Reading, Writing, Math, and Science the CEFA way
  • Teaching Socials and the habit of contribution
  • Planning and organizing the CEFA curriculum
Classes include presentations, group activities, planning and exams.