Early Childhood Educator and/or with Infant and Toddler Certification posting:
CEFA is an Early Learning school where a Teacher is free to be creative and have
control over his or her work and environment!
About CEFA
CEFA Early Learning, established in 1998, is a full day early learning program designed
for infants and children up to five years old. The enriched curriculum features a unique
partnership of core subjects, such as reading and math with fine arts including drama
and yoga, providing children with the freedom to learn and grow through play.
Our program has a reputation of highly developing a child’s intellect and delivering the
finest start in education, arts and the humanities. The full day early learning and junior
kindergarten programs at CEFA are far beyond the typical child care programs found
throughout Canada.
What we are looking for
We are looking for experienced Early Childhood Educators with an ECE, ECE-A or post
basic license that have a passion for working with young children ages 10 months to 5
years old and:
• Help children develop a passion for learning
• Approach a child’s first learning years with enthusiasm and dedication
• Enable children to have fun all day, regardless of whether they are playing or
• Prepare children academically and socially for school
• Encourage and support each child
• Bond with each child, and provide them with a nurturing and stable environment
• Promote each child’s individuality and self-esteem
• Support the parents as well as the children
• Encourage children, parents and staff to develop lasting and meaningful
friendships with one another
• Help all parents participate in their child’s education