The History of Cefa

The first time Natacha Beim decided she would open her own school, she was fourteen years old. Then a high school student, she felt that schools were not collaborative environments, and instead forced students through the one-size-fits-all system, losing the interest of too many students. She began working on her methodology that year, fearing she would no longer see things as a child sees them when she reached the age of actually opening the school.

This way, she thought, she would always represent the interests of children. She did not know then that her school would be for the youngest students of all, and she definitely did not envision more than one school.

The First School

cefa Early Learning was born in 1998 in response to typical daycare centres which focus on play rather than a blend of education, play and the arts. Our unique approach gained praise from Canadian families and earned recognition as an exciting and stimulating environment for Canada’s youngest children.

As the progression and development of the students enrolled in CEFA became known, the popularity of the approach grew, resulting in the franchising of the school in 2003, and the expansion of CEFA across Canada in 2018.

The Founder

CEFA Early Learning was established in 1998 by Natacha V. Beim. Having worked as an elementary school teacher, as well as a junior kindergarten teacher, Beim experienced firsthand the incredible effect of early academic exposure in young children.