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Montessori Reading

Montessori Reading

Montessori reading tools make teaching your child to read less of a chore and much more enjoyable for both you and your child. If you’re looking for a hands-on reading tool your child will absolutely love, you’ll appreciate our Language Kits at Montessori To You. You can’t help but succeed when you have the right tools at hand- our language kits make it fun to not only teach your child how to read but also to watch as they explore with sounds and letters and discover the wonder of language.

What is Montessori Reading?

Maria Montessori designed her reading tools to be interactive for children ages 2-7. Sandpaper letters get young children curious about letter shape and sound and help them begin to construct simple words with an understanding that individual letter sounds create words. Maria believed that once a child’s interest in learning was sparked, the sky was the limit- and her theory not only proved accurate, but it’s a theory that many other education programs have built upon, as well. No program has proven to be as beloved by children and parents as the Montessori method. Montessori To You carries both Montessori Math and Montessori Reading kits.

What Age is Best to Learn Reading?

Children as young as 3 or 4 can begin learning letters by sight and connect letter sounds with letters on sight. Montessori’s sandpaper letters get the attention of young children and help them make the important connection between what each letter looks like and its accompanying sound. Children trace each letter with their fingers, using tactile methods that begin to ingrain language in the mind at a very early age. Even children as young as two can experiment with Montessori language tools- it’s never too early to pique curiosity.

Affordable Montessori Reading & Math Tools

Our Montessori kits at Montessori To You are inclusive of everything you need to start your child on a journey of exploration into learning. You’ll find additional information about our products when you click the ‘FAQs’ link or the ‘Language Kit’ or ‘Math Kit’ link. If you have questions, we’re available through email to help you determine whether our tools are right for your family’s education program. Eel free to reach out to us or take a closer look at our tools online. Free shipping is available throughout Canada and the US.

Reading is the First Step

If you’re planning on homeschooling your child, mastery of reading is the first step toward success. Once your child learns how to read, you can provide materials for them as the appropriate ages and phases of their education. Without good reading skills, homeschooling is more difficult and ends up taking more of your time. You can set your child up for a lifetime of discovery, starting with a love for reading with Montessori Reading tools, like Sandpaper letters and the Story Alphabet. Don’t forget to check out our Math Kits, as well.

Montessori Reading
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