North Vancouver Preschool Programs

North Vancouver Preschool Programs

School is very important. It provides us with the best quality education we need and helps us develop our skills, intelligences, talents, and behaviors. It aids us in making good choices in life and guides us to become good citizens of the country. In this regard, if you have a child whose age is from one to five, and you are looking for a school that has North Vancouver preschool programs in its curriculum, your child can acquire it in Canada at Cefa Early Learning School.

On CEFA’s Founder and Its Methodology

Our CEFA Early Learning School’s CEO and Founder, Natacha V. Beim, is a teacher and an expert in early learning. She created our specific-at-age curriculum that aimed at teaching and engaging the whole child because she realized that, that was what was needed in learning and discovering how a child can contribute to the environment.

At CEFA, our educational method system is designed not just to teach children academically, but to also educate them emotionally, socially, and physically. Each aspect of our development program for a CEFA child provides information and stimulation to the brain in ways different than another. Our curriculum which is derived from the junior kindergarten standards of French stays a powerful element in our program up to now. Influenced by styles of global learning and methods of teaching observed by our CEO and Founder Natacha Beim, our method at CEFA keeps evolving at present because of her pursuit to have a program that is internationally standardized.


With CEFA’s method, your child is presented with an opportunity to challenge and discover one’s self and potential. Your child is also provided with various experiences in learning which includes core subjects and activities that are extra-curricular, plenty of plays outdoor, free exploration, field trips, and time for naps

About Curriculum Features and Programs

Our method for education provides our students an early-learning that is world-class. They also are given the opportunity to enhance their selves and play together with other kids of a similar level of intellect and years of age. Our programs are also offered to infants and kids up to five years of age.

 Our world-class proprietary curriculum which is created through studying the best international practices incorporates a research that is most recent in developmental and behavioral psychology and sciences. Our modern core subjects that are blended such as math and reading and fine arts like yoga and drama give children the liberty to enhance and grow by play and experimental learning.

How to Enroll Your Child at CEFA

If you want to know more about CEFA Early Learning School’s history, methodology, core values, curriculum, and programs, you can phone us at 1-604-708-2332. If you are interested in finding CEFA with North Vancouver preschool programs near you, you can fax us at 1-604-638-0951 or email us at If you wish to start an application to enroll your child, fill out a form that includes the name and age of your child, your email address and phone number and submit it to us.  

North Vancouver Preschool Programs
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