Brentwood Preschool

Brentwood Preschool CEFA is not just another Brentwood preschool- our commitment to excellence is evidenced by our reputation throughout the community. We do more than just provide a safe place for your child to spend their hours while you're at work- we offer quality early education that lays an excellent foundation for elementary school years.

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Toddler Play Place In La Grange Il

Waterlemon Kids LLC
25 S LaGrange Rd Unit A
La Grange IL 60525 US
Playgrounds aren't nearly as much fun in the wintertime as Wterlemon Kids' indoor toddler play place in La Grange, IL. Instead of bundling up your toddler or staying in when the weather doesn't cooperate, stop in to Waterlemon Kids for interaction with other toddlers, safe playtime, slides, books, and age-appropriate fun. Waterlemon Kids LLC