Daycare Vancouver

Daycare Vancouver When choosing a daycare in Vancouver, make sure the curriculum offered by your prospective school is one that takes your child's future into consideration. CEFA has earned a reputation as one of the best daycare institutions in the greater Vancouver area, offering a wide range of activities and academic options for your child.

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Child Development Associate
Get CDA ready in as few as 3 days with NICCM. Having and maintaining a National Child Development Associate is more important to the success of your career than ever before. Now there is an option in which you can literally get CDA ready over a week-end. To find out more about this fast-track route, please call NICCM at 602-476-1422. NICCM National Institute Of Child Care Management

Home School Reading
Home school reading is easy with Montessori To You. Our home school tools are more like toys that your child will find hard to put down- Montessori was designed that way. Children from ages 2-7 love learning how to read with sandpaper letters and interactive language kits that make reading so much fun.