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At CEFA we use an educational method designed to educate the whole child, not simply academically, but socially, emotionally and physically. Inquire Today
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The CEFA Enriched Curriculum is what sets us apart from traditional daycare. Using an educational method designed to educate the whole child: academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Our Founder, Natacha V. Beim, created the program based on her experience as an elementary school teacher, her specialization in early learning, her extensive educational research, and her firm belief that every child has the right to the very best schooling possible.

The CEFA approach is designed to stimulate children during the brain’s most formative years, increasing the child’s intellectual capacity for life. It is a contemporary approach to early childhood development, which reflects the needs of children worldwide in today’s society, and aims to ensure that your child is provided with a voice in our society.

The CEFA Enriched Curriculum is constantly evolving and improving. Our CEFA Certified Teachers find ways of improving and updating the curriculum by creating CEFA games that all CEFA Certified Teachers have access to and are able to build upon.

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Our teachers are our foundation. Our reputation and the children's education depends on having amazing teachers on our team. Find out more on what it means to be a CEFA Certified Teacher.

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