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Core Education & Fine Arts

CEFA was established in 1998 and is Canada’s leading private school for children ages one to five. Our proprietary, award-winning curriculum is based on the latest research in child & brain development and helps get children ready for kindergarten—and for life!

Canada’s Most Sophisticated Early Learning Curriculum. Core Education & Fine Arts Centres.

CEFA was established in 1998 and is Canada’s leading, most sophisticated private Early Learning centre for children ages 1 to 5. Our proprietary curriculum is based on the latest research in child and brain development and helps get children ready for kindergarten—and for life!

The Importance of High-Quality Early Learning

The first five years of a child’s life are the most critical in brain development and can have a dramatic positive impact on the rest of their lives. Having your child attend CEFA during these formative years will change your child’s ability, capacity, and propensity to learn, for life. Our schools are designed to provide your child with the right education (physical, social, intellectual, and emotional) at the right time.

CEFA Curriculum

Our approach to the early learning curriculum consists of four main pillars to create a well-rounded learning experience.

CEFA Innovators STEM Curriculum
Preparing Your Child for the
Challenges of Tomorrow


CEFA Masterminds Curriculum Pillar
Giving Your Child
A Foundation for Success


Math Language
Second Language
CEFA Creators Curriculum Pillar
Developing Your Child’s Creativity and Skill of Creative Thinking

Fine Arts

Creative Play
Visual Arts

Click on the back of a Curriculum block above to learn more about the courses offered within each block.

Teaching a child to correctly hold a pencil.

Core Education & Fine Arts

We’ve earned a reputation for developing and fostering intellect, creativity, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, confidence, and self awareness for preschool aged children with an unparalleled foundation in education, arts, and the humanities. Our full-day early childhood education and junior kindergarten programs offer the finest and most sophisticated Early Learning daycare and preschool programs in Canada.

CEFA Reviews

See what franchise partners, parents, and teachers say about CEFA.

I was amazed by CEFA

As a licensed Early Childhood Educator specializing in special needs and Infant Toddler, I understand and appreciate the benefits of the CEFA program. The first time I visited a CEFA school, I was amazed. It was different from all other centres, with classrooms for every age group equipped with developmentally appropriate toys, in-house chef’s, and teachers - not just care providers. CEFA had a clearly defined curriculum that fostered and developed so many areas that children need - arts, academics, social skills, nutrition, gross and fine motor skills, diversity, play, problem solving, and participation just to name a few. At the time, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere that didn't have the same magical feeling that CEFA provided. I'm now the proud owner of 5 CEFA locations, and have such pride and satisfaction knowing that our schools, teachers, and staff are making a great difference for our families, our communities, and for our children.
Karen Chan
CEFA Burnaby and Vancouver Franchise Partner

We lay the groundwork for a lifetime of learning

Having been in the education field for over 14 years and worked for other child care centres, I can truly see the benefits of CEFA Early Learning. I began my career with CEFA in 2008 when I started working as a Teacher at the CEFA Langley school. I soon progressed to become the Principal of our beautiful CEFA Richmond school as my passion for the program was evident.

What I love most about CEFA is the support system in place for teachers and the respect that you’re given as an educator. It is refreshing to work for a centre that focuses entirely on the child. Over the years, CEFA has become a role model for other centres and is now a leader in the field. I am proud to be a part of CEFA and am passionate about helping lay the groundwork for a lifetime of learning to the youngest generation.
Katan Tailor
CEFA Richmond Principal
It is with great pride and earnest thanks that I write this letter today. It is Bradley’s 4th birthday today and he was just accepted to Kindergarten at Mulgrave Independent School a whole year early.

When we first enrolled Bradley at CEFA it was for two reasons: to provide him with some social interaction skills and to give him a good start at an education. Our expectations were exceeded in every way.

The most telling trait of your school is his love of learning. Even on his days off he asks to be there. He’s excited about his class lessons, his friends, his teachers and about himself. He is confident, thoughtful, happy, and inquisitive. The program that you have put together fosters not just an understanding of the basic concepts such as the alphabet and numbers but problem solving, interest development, confidence building, and creativity.

The foundation that CEFA has given Bradley will benefit more than simply his academic career. It is the building blocks of exceptional character development. The preparation he has received is for more than just school, it is for life.

With confidence we recommend your school to all parents who want to develop their child’s complete potential.
Stephanie Chu
Mother of Bradley
My husband and I would like to thank you warmly for giving our family the opportunity to attend your school, Core Education & Fine Arts. CEFA has provided a fundamental environment for my two sons, which was especially necessary since they came from a non-Canadian environment and needed to settle in, having moved 3 countries in less than two years. This was crucial for them.

The bright and lively atmosphere for learning has seen the boys develop independence and confidence in themselves, in a new place and a new country.

Having had one of my sons graduate from the CEFA program already, I have seen him achieve above and beyond the elementary curriculum he's currently in. The transition to elementary school was very smooth.

Before CEFA, the boys had attended a year of pure Montessori, and it was found that for the self-starter student, the method had a bit more of an impact than for the child who needs more guidance and encouragement. I have two children, one of them who is quite the self-starter and did well in the Montessori environment, and the other, of a more cautious personality did not seem to progress as well.

At CEFA, they both progressed at admirable rates with both guidance and encouragement in the CEFA approach.

Having had both my sons go through the CEFA program, I definitely recommend it both for the avid student as well as for the average student. I find your method greatly benefits all children and develops them to their full potential.
Susan and Richard Gilbert
It is unbelievable that it is the end of the school year already. Nicole has completed JK3 and our time at CEFA has sadly come to an end. At this time, I feel I must write to you to express my thoughts.

Firstly, I must congratulate you on creating a first-class pre-school establishment. I know (from too much previous experience) that there is nothing else out there like it. I wish we had come to CEFA much sooner. It is a wonderful professional environment, and at the same time, one which has a very friendly, easy atmosphere, in which you feel immediately comfortable.

The JK3 teaching staff have been fabulous. With great gentleness and kindness, they fostered an environment of learning that was fun, stimulating and safe. At the same time, they helped guide the children towards an appreciation of higher social values – I find support in this area critical. I admired how the teacher’s, guided by the students’ interests, undauntedly tackled more advanced topics (e.g. the solar system) and achieved incredible success. Nicole’s retention of the facts was amazing, and she loved to recount at home what she had learned! We also very much appreciated the genuine interest the teachers displayed in Nicole’s progress.

We enjoyed the many “extras” CEFA provides, especially in the area of parental support. In particular, we appreciated the extended hours to accommodate working parents’ schedules, and providing meals for the children. Chef Tobin is to be commended on the child-friendly, yet nutritious food he prepares.

Last, but not least, let’s examine the product: Simply stated, Nicole has had a wonderful year. She was eager to get to school each day, and never failed to say “I had a great day” whenever I picked her up. She has made great strides intellectually and emotionally in the past year. Nicole will be a young, yet confident Kindergartener. We know she is well prepared.

Thank you for a very happy association with CEFA. We wish you and all your staff a wonderful summer, and much further success in the future.
Sabine Ritson
Parents of Nicole

I love working for CEFA

I have been a Teacher with CEFA for over a year and love the work ethic. As a CEFA Teacher I am given so much help along the way, the support system is great! The children love all elements of the program and it’s amazing to see them improve each year. I’m so glad I decided to move to CEFA as I really feel like I am making a difference!
CEFA Canada Way Teacher

My child loves CEFA

Our daughter Elise started as a student at CEFA when she was only 15 months old, and we absolutely love it! We have seen her flourish and grow leaps and bounds since she started. Her vocabulary has increased dramatically, and she is so much more inquisitive, and seems so mature compared to her friends!

We chose CEFA because they offer a curriculum program and not just play. Even though Elise has lots of play and exploration in her day, she also is learning to read, and to write, and she is loving the STEM curriculum.

The teachers are so warm, caring and welcoming, and really take a genuine interest in our daughter and our family. Daylene, the Principal, is always smiling and greeting students and parents in the morning – it’s such a great way to start the day!

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided by their in-house chef who creates nutritious delicious meals all prepared according to the Canadian food guide, so I have no worries about her nutrition and I especially love that I don’t need to prepare anything for the day – CEFA takes care of everything, which means I have more time to spend with my daughter. Plus, she enjoys the meals so much that I’ve even asked for some recipes to make at home.

I love that I never have to worry about what Elise wears in the morning as she wears a uniform. I drop her off at school with the confidence that she will have a wonderful day and I never need to worry about her wellbeing while at work. She loves school so much that she doesn’t want to come home when I go to pick her up at the end of the day. I couldn’t ask for anything more – CEFA definitely exceeds my expectations!
Nagisa Hasegawa
Mother of Elise (JK1)
As her parents, we listened with much pride, joy and gratitude as our daughter Noelie recited the poem “An Epitome of the Triad” by Cleo Victoria Stewart at CEFA's Holiday Event. Her ability to read the poem off the sheet that her JK3 teacher, Miss Forsythe was holding, was definitely a culmination of everyone’s hard work, working in tandem, just like the poem Noelie read “Day after day the teacher toiled, with a touch that was deft and sure. While the parent labored in support, and polished and smoothed it o’er.”

We feel blessed to have been able to give Noelie the opportunity to learn at CEFA since she was 21 months old, from CEFA baby through to JK3, and thankful to the teachers for their dedication and hard work. Her acceptance into York House for kindergarten is proof once again of the high educational standards CEFA has as a preparatory preschool.

We look forward to her graduation from CEFA with bittersweet joy, and so appreciative for the joy of learning now instilled in our daughter.
Alisa and Darren Darcy
Parents of Noelie
In the two months he’s been at CEFA, Matthew’s progress has surprised us. We are especially surprised by our toddler suddenly developing into an independent, interactive little two-year-old who talks cheerfully and cogently about his day at school, bursts into little songs and stories he’s learned in the classroom, and who has learned to reason for himself. Some days ago he told mummy that he went to big boy school where no mummies were allowed because big boys did not need their mummies to help them do many things.

On a personal front, he has (it seems) almost overnight acquired a steady potty-going habit and a marked improvement in his self-feeding (no doubt encouraged by the clever, child-friendly, enticing food prepared by the chef).

Although we were apprehensive at first about leaving our little boy in the hands of strangers for the better part of the day, and although it was really hard in the first few weeks to separate from an anxious toddler who had never been away from mummy before, we now take him to CEFA these days quite comfortable in the knowledge that his physical needs are taken care of, his emotions considered, and his intellect encouraged.

We are also encouraged by the strong parent involvement in the school with parents contacting each other regularly to participate in field trips and other miscellaneous activities which really help to form a sense of community and involvement.

We thank you and all the teachers at CEFA for making Matthew’s first foray into schooling a fun, stimulating and nurturing one.
Rachelle and David Lau
Parents of Matthew
We are writing this letter to tell you how pleased we are that Eliscia is attending CEFA and to thank you for managing such a well organized and stimulating school. We have been very impressed with the quality of your teaching staff and couldn’t be happier with the choice we made to place Eliscia at your school.

Over the last nine months at CEFA, we have observed teachers excited about teaching and Eliscia having fun learning. You and your teachers have created a warm and supportive educational environment for our daughter and for that we are truly grateful.

A great big thank you to the teachers of Junior Kindergarten One – Mrs. Morris, Ms. Senang, Ms. Garania and Ms. Do – for teaching and respecting our daughter. You have all made and are continuing to make a positive mark on Eliscia’s personality and intellectual growth.
Shaun and Karen Sinclair
Parents of Eliscia