Career Opportunities—Empowered by CEFA training

The CEFA curriculum originates from the French standards of junior kindergarten, which remains a strong element in the program today. Influenced by global learning styles and teaching methods observed by CEFA founder Natacha Beim while on her quest for an internationally standardized program, the CEFA method continues to evolve today. Our CEFA Certified Teachers continually seek and suggest ways to update our curriculum through new activities available to all CEFA Certified Teachers. Learn more about a career opportunity with CEFA.

Career Opportunities
“One of the beliefs that CEFA has is really to empower and inspire the children to learn. Our schools are full of diversity and creativity. The employees at CEFA go above and beyond their call of duty and it clearly shows throughout all their schools.”
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Early Childhood Education Jobs at CEFA

CEFA® Early Learning
Teacher Training

At CEFA, we value each teacher for what they bring to the table, from their credentials and experience, to their love and care for children.

To complement these amazing qualities we offer additional specialization: CEFA Teacher Training®. CEFA Teacher Training is a unique educational program developed by Natacha V. Beim, Founder and CEO of CEFA.

During the program, teachers learn the CEFA curriculum and philosophy and how to implement them into the classrooms.This unique program encourages teachers to combine fun and academics, drawing day-to-day inspiration from all directions.


Licensed Early Childhood Educators

All CEFA teachers are licensed Early Childhood Educators trained in the highest standards of child development and child safety.

In addition, CEFA Teacher Training provides teachers with the tools to successfully lead students through CEFA curriculum and to be inspired and inspire others.

Teaching is at the heart and soul off everything we do, and the CEFA Teacher Training not only shows how to teach the curriculum, but soft management skills like working with families, leadership, planning/organizing skills, and presentation skills. The training also goes over the entire methodology and philosophy, paving the way towards a managerial role if the teacher is interested.

CEFA curriculum wordmark Teacher Training content includes:

  • The CEFA teaching method and CEFA philosophy
  • Working with children and families
    The CEFA curriculum, games and teaching materials
  • Teaching reading, writing, math, and science the CEFA way
  • Teaching socials and the habit of contribution planning and organizing the CEFA curriculum

Classes include presentations, group activities, planning and exams.