CEFA Programs: Top Ranked Child Care Programs in Canada

Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA) is the most sophisticated Early Learning child program in Canada. We believe that quality care is essential, and that children need more than care to thrive. Children thrive when they are learning, and the CEFA curriculum is rooted in the four key areas of child brain development: Language, Numbers, Peer Social Skills, and Emotional Control. CEFA helps build a strong foundation for children upon which future success can be built upon.

CEFA was launched in 1998 as an Early Learning School for children 1-5 and has grown into a full-service offering with many different formats to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of parents today, including 5-hour Pre-Kindergarten (CEFA Minis), before and after school programs (CEFA Kids Club), and summer programs (CEFA Camps).

Getting them Kindergarten ready. CEFA Early Learning is a Junior Kindergarten program for Children 0–5 Years Old.

CEFA Baby, JK1, JK2, JK3 (Junior Kindergarten 1, 2 and 3) are included in the CEFA Early Learning program.

CEFA Kids Club

Before & After School Support. A sophisticated, education-based program for Junior (5–6) & Senior (7–10) Kids.

CEFA Kids Club offers Before and After School programming for busy parents and inquisitive kids 5–10 years old.

CEFA Minis
CEFA Minis

Flexible Early Learning. A high-quality Early Learning 1/2 day program that fits your lifestyle.

CEFA Minis is a high-quality Early Learning 1/2 day program that fits your lifestyle.

CEFA Camps

Summer and spring camps that are fun, engaging, active, and educational.

Camps at Core Education and Fine Arts incorporate the four pillars of the CEFA methodology (Literacy, STEM, Peer Social Skills, and Emotional Intelligence). They are chock-full of outdoor activities and educational field trips.

2024 spring and summer camps schedule coming soon!