Monthly tuition fees depend on the age of the child, number of days enrolled, and the location of the school. Part-time fees range from $850-$1750 while full-time fees range from $1,435 – $1,970 per month.

Not at all! We believe that every child is entitled to a well-rounded education. For that reason, extra-curricular activities such as art, physical education, music, yoga and other activities that are not generally a part of a childcare or preschool school curriculum are provided at no extra cost.

Our staff at the school you’ve applied to will stay in communication throughout the application process. Once a space has been found for the child, qualified families will be called to set up an interview with the Classroom Teachers, Administrator and Principal.

Our programs are for children aged 1—5. Children can enter our CEFA Baby program in the year that they turn one year old. The CEFA Early Learning school year begins in September and continues to the end of August. Registration for the new school year for current families begins in early spring; registration for new families occurs once internal registration is complete. Where space permits, enrollment can happen at other times throughout the school year.

Our full day early childhood education and junior kindergarten programs go beyond the typical child care and daycare programs found throughout Canada, presenting students with every possibility to discover and challenge themselves and their potential. Children are exposed to a wide variety of subjects on a daily basis including reading, writing, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), music, physical education, visual and dramatic arts, yoga and relaxation, and culture immersion.

Our teachers have the dual role of presenting activities to the children (as they would in Montessori) and also keenly observing children and their interests, documenting those, and following the child’s lead (as they would in Reggio Emilia schools). CEFA schools also focus on teaching children to learn from any and all circumstances, and to question their learning. In teaching children how to learn, CEFA hopes to build the habit of lifelong learning and curiosity.

Yes, CEFA uniforms are required for students year-round in the classroom and while attending field trips.

No, in fact we ask that you do not bring in any outside foods, since our in-house chef at each school takes care of meals for you!

Gradual entry is recommended for every child. It helps to make the transition between being at home and being in the classroom much smoother for the child (and parents). During your parent-teacher interview, the teacher will set up a gradual entry plan that suits both your child and your needs.

Yes, our schools are open all year round. Our programs begin in early September and run until the end of August. Since our school structure is based on the elementary school system, there are some closures throughout the year, such as spring break, and teacher professional days (two per year).

Our teachers document children’s social and educational development according to our core education and fine arts curriculum throughout the year, and sit down with families to review regularly – we also welcome questions and observations from parents and families during this time in order to support your child’s lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Visit a school site to receive the parent package for your specific school for more information on hours, fees, etc. You can also download school schedules on the individual school your child attends from the school landing page on this site.