Benefits of Childcare: More than just a babysitter

Making the decision to send your baby or child to daycare is not always easy. For new parents, it often comes with a shadow of guilt. Perhaps you’ve felt this? You may have agonized because you need (or want) to return to work, but are uncertain if it’s the right decision for your family.

These emotions are common and normal. Sending your precious baby to the arms of new caregivers can make you feel uneasy at first. To help ease the transition, opt for a childcare provider (not an occasional babysitter) with a strong background in early childhood learning. Putting your child in a childcare facility that has age-appropriate educational components will benefit them (and you) over their entire life.

For Parents

Peace of Mind

There is nothing more important than knowing with confidence that your child is supervised in a safe, positive environment. Look for quality, highly rated childcare schools and daycares. Choose a childcare provider who has certified early learning professionals who will look after and teach your child genuinely and lovingly.

Educational Resources

Established early learning programs at childcare facilities can provide your child with an enriching educational experience. The educators can also provide parents with information on childhood development to support their children’s learning at home. Early learning professionals can provide concrete examples of sensible, attentive parenting skills such as how to understand and respond to a child’s non-verbal signals and how to promote the child’s emotional and physical health at home.


It’s common for families who attend the same childcare facility to build relationships outside of the classroom. We’ve heard of families who get together for playdates, take trips together, and remain friends for years after their children have graduated from childcare. This is a great networking opportunity where you can discuss parenting challenges and successes with your peers. It’s also a great source of emotional support for parents.

For Children

Age-appropriate Care

The growth and development that occurs in the first few years of your child’s life is more significant than many parents first realize. The change your child’s brain goes through from ages 0 to 5 is especially dramatic. A newborn baby’s brain is only about a quarter in size of an adult’s brain but within 5 years, it reaches almost full size. Children who receive age-appropriate care and education during these first five years are better set-up for success in foundational life skills. That’s why CEFA has a science-backed educational experience for children in their care. It has been developed based on a deep knowledge of early childhood brain development.

Academic Achievement

Children who receive quality education through a compelling early learning curriculum score higher in cognitive and academic achievement as teens. Early learning based on neuroscience provides children with the core transferable skills they need in all areas of life as they grow up.

Communication and Social Skills

In childcare settings, children enjoy time with peers in a safe, supervised environment. Active interaction with others strengthens the child’s listening and problem-solving skills which supports their growth in critical communication and social skills.

Childcare has many benefits for parents and children. They provide parents with the opportunity to return to work to support the financial needs of their family, and provide children a safe space to learn and grow through healthy development of core life skills.

However, not all early childhood learning facilities are created equal. To ensure your child is getting the best start at life, find a centre where educators possess a profound understanding of early childhood development. Find a childcare provider where children are supported, guided, engaged, and encouraged.

At CEFA, our childcare educators are committed to providing an unparalleled level of brain-science based early learning education. Our unique curriculum is based on the latest scientific research to best support and strengthen children’s growth in every stage of intellectual, physical and social development. We provide the quality childcare you expect for your children, so you can rest easy knowing they are cared for in a loving and educational environment.

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