CEFA Camps are only available as a separate program at CEFA Burlington

During the months of July and August at select schools, four distinct summer camps/classes are available for children. Each class/camp is a two‑week deep dive that offers children the opportunity to develop their creative and social skills through a variety of summer indoor and outdoor activities and projects. The program incorporates CEFA’s unique methodology with fun and engaging games and activities that highlight core competencies in Language, STEM, Peer Social Skills, and Emotional Intelligence.

The following camps are now available at CEFA Burlington:

Nutty Professors

July 31–Aug 11

Children aren’t born with problem-solving skills. Children develop problem-solving skills by solving actual problems in life. Critical thinking and problem-solving are among the most important and essential skills students can learn today. As adults, critical thinking and problem-solving are cardinal tools that help us navigate relationships, employment, media, politics, and more.

When children engage in STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in the early years, critical thinking and problem-solving are encouraged and fostered at a time when the foundations for this part of the brain are being developed.

Nutty Professors is a two-week camp with a focus on STEM activities for children 3–5. Children learn the properties of liquids and bases by making erupting volcanoes, rocket ships, and periscopes.

Great Outdoors

August 14–25

These days, children are spending more time than ever indoors, playing on mobile phones, or with aps and streaming content on tables. However, there is so much available research on the benefits of outdoor play. Playing outdoors promotes well-being and wholesome physical development. Outdoor play with other children helps them gain vital social skills by interacting, collaborating, and negotiating with others. Hands-on learning and natural environments stimulate children’s senses through what they hear, touch, see and feel.

The Great Outdoors is a two-week camp with a focus on developing children’s gross motor skills through sports, Olympic games, and outdoor activities.