The Best Daycare In South Surrey Panorama Isn't A Daycare.

At CEFA South Surrey Panorama, we are all that and more. Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA) is an Early Learning Private School with a proprietary and award-winning curriculum designed to educate and develop your whole child—academically, emotionally, physically, and socially so they’re ready for kindergarten—and for life!

Developing a better way of learning

Join CEFA Early Learning in South Surrey – Panorama

CEFA South Surrey Panorama is more than a daycare or traditional childcare centre. CEFA Early Learning opened its first school over 20 years ago in B.C. and is now Canada’s leading private school for children ages one to five. Trusted by parents since 1998, CEFA has earned a reputation for developing intellect in the early years, and for providing children with the finest start in education, arts, and the humanities.

CEFA students develop and play along with other children who are the same age, and they are always learning and playing—not just learning, and not just playing. At CEFA, core fundamental skills are at the heart of our curriculum.

We offer an incredible opportunity and and enriched curriculum for students to not only explore and learn, but to discover how they can contribute to the world.

At CEFA’s South Surrey preschool, children learn while surrounded by peers of the same age, similar to the Canadian elementary school system.

CEFA’s South Surrey preschool at Panorama is committed to offering the highest level of education and development for your child.

Why chose CEFA South Surrey Panorama? It starts with our personal commitment to you, the parents, of building the most qualified and respected school in Surrey. We have built a team with over 40 years of CEFA certified experience in education and 65 years of early childhood education. We have hired a Red Seal chef whose professional training and development results in the creation of the most nutritious and creative menu for our children. We have a Registered Nurse with 10 years of local experience who is responsible for ensuring the children’s safety and wellbeing. We have a Principal, Vice Principal and teachers who specialize in Mandarin, Punjabi, Korean, Filipino, Cantonese and French ensuring we have the language abilities required to commentate with both parents and children where English is not their spoken language.

Our investment in one of the largest schools in Surrey and White Rock with over 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space results in almost double the square foot requirements of space per child than other schools, allowing for the most ideal classroom sizes for personal growth. For children under the age of 36 months, our large school not only allows us to group children by birth year, but with 2 classrooms for each baby and JK1 program; we can further separate the children to groupings within 6 months of each child. This maximizes the learning potential for your child by ensuring all children in the classroom are at similar development stages. Come join us for an open house and learn for yourself why we are the World Leaders in Education for Children Ages 1 to 5.

CEFA South Surrey – Panorama Program Schedules and Openings!

A note about scheduling at CEFA schools: We always want to welcome you even when you may not be scheduled. Occasionally parents may request to bring their child on a day outside of that child’s schedule. If there is space available in the classroom, the family would be invoiced a drop-in fee for that day. Please note that CEFA can only offer drop-in days to currently registered students. We do not switch scheduled days. Please contact the school for the drop-in fee.

We welcome applications from new families at any time, although we recommend registering at birth for any of our unique CEFA programs.

CEFA BABY (ages 1–2)
accepting applications
JK1 - Junior Kindergarten One (ages 2–3)
accepting applications
JK2 - Junior Kindergarten Two (ages 3–4)
accepting waitlist applications
JK3 - Junior Kindergarten Three (ages 4–5)
accepting applications


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Early Learning Child Care Matters

Did you know that the first five years are the most important in a child’s learning journey? Our schools are designed to provide your child with the right education at the right time: during the brain’s most formative period.

Having your child attend CEFA will help change their ability to learn, for life. What you give your child by enrolling them at CEFA Early Learning Private School is curriculum that ensures that their future is the best and most successful it can possibly be.

Our Early Childhood Education curriculum is proprietary and award-winning. We offer an enriched program to students that includes Core Education subjects (such as S.T.E.M., Reading, and Writing) and Fine Arts (such as Drama, Music, Dance, and Yoga). Our Teachers have their Early Childhood Education licences as well as specialized CEFA Teacher Training Certification, so our children learn from the very best. We provide a healthy and nurturing environment for your child, enabling you to be happy in the knowledge that your child is safe and stimulated throughout the day.


Your Child's Potential is Waiting

Studies like the Abecedarian Project, and the Perry Preschool Project, have shown that high-quality Early Learning can have a powerful and lasting positive influence on children and even the communities where they live. Children take the benefits and confidence of this foundation throughout their lives. As a private early learning school focused on Core Education and Fine Arts, our proprietary curriculum is the most sophisticated in Canada. It is designed to educate and develop your child—to get them kindergarten-ready and life ready. We believe your child’s education is one of your best investments.

CEFA Innovators STEM Curriculum
CEFA Masterminds Curriculum Pillar
CEFA Creators Curriculum Pillar
CEFA Change-Makers Curriculum Pillar

News & Updates

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  • CHEF’s Sample Menu – Our in-house chef prepares hot and nutritious meals each day for our students to enjoy.
  • Parent Package – This includes everything you need to know regarding school tuition.
  • Early Childhood Educators – Our teachers are licensed Early Childhood Educators and are trained in the highest standards of child development and safety.

School Closures

School Closures In case of inclement weather conditions or power outages which prevent CEFA Early Learning from providing service to families, the school’s Franchise Partner will make an early morning decision to close the school based on our School District.

Snow closures – in heavy snowfall, our priority is the safety of our families and staff. We expect to be open every day throughout the winter. However, if the public schools in your School District have decided not to open schools because the roads are deemed too unsafe for travel CEFA will also be closed.

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South Surrey – Panorama

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#100 – 5446 152nd Street
Surrey, BC  V3S 5J9

Open Houses

Please contact the school for a private tour.

Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday: 7:30AM to 5:30PM
Hours subject to change with notice.