CEFA Programs

The Beim methodology at CEFA ensures that each child has the chance to learn no matter what their learning style is, by exposing the children to diverse styles of learning (inspired by Montessori, Reggio, and Elementary school). The Beim methodology also incorporates material very carefully, to ensure that each learning experience is enriching for the child and contributes to the development of his or her intellect.

Children are active participants in their learning throughout their three to four years at CEFA. Like in elementary school, children in each classroom are the same age (Junior Kindergarten 1 for two-year-olds, JK 2 for three-year-olds, and JK3 for four-year-olds).


It’s never too early to stimulate the brain in ways that are meaningful – like sensory learning or vocabulary. We teach attributes like colour, size, and shape as part of BABY S.T.E.M. through sorting games as a foundational math skill. Activities also encourage children to focus and stay on one task (increases attention span) which contributes to their social and emotional development. Our CEFA BABY schedule features MINDFULNESS NAPS, MAGICAL STORYTIME, SOCIALIZING, AND GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT. Click here to see more of our curriculum at play in CEFA BABY.


Stimulate your child’s development in an exciting and playful way, while helping get them ready for kindergarten. Children learn math and science and how to read and write by playing games designed specifically to teach them skills, and ensure they feel like they’re playing, enjoying their friends, and exploring an every-changing classroom! Curriculum also includes YOGA, DANCE, MUSIC, VISUAL ARTS, CULTURE IMMERSION, DRAMA, SPORTS, and LANGUAGES, as well as many other great activities designed to enrich your child’s experience and strengthen their desire to learn. Click here to learn more about our curriculum like Open Learning and Group Learning in JK1.


A wonderfully stimulating environment for children and a magical place to be. CEFA JK2 focuses on the uniqueness of each child and the ability for each child to contribute to our community and to the world, individually or as a group, by learning and working on projects. Curriculum includes OUTDOOR AND NATURE PROGRAM, S.T.E.M., CULTURE IMMERSION, REGGIO EMILIA PROJECT ART, CREATIVE PLAY, and SOCIALS CITIZENSHIP AND CONTRIBUTION. Children are active participants in their learning. Click here for the JK2 Schedule of Activities.


Children learn about different subjects and do so in every possible way: by experimenting with the material and by reasoning (like Montessori), by working on long-term and short-term projects of their own interest (like Reggio), by interacting with the teacher (like in elementary school) and by interacting with their peers to learn what it means to be a good friend. They also gain a sense of worth and self-esteem by learning things like putting on and zipping up their own jackets. Curriculum includes READING, WRITING, DANCE, VISUAL ARTS, LITERACY GAMES, LITTLE CHEFS, CREATIVE PLAY PROJECTS, and SOCIALIZING. Click here to see how they’re getting kindergarten ready through our JK3 schedule.


During the months of July and August, your child will participate in four out of seven distinct summer classes selected by the school. CEFA’s Summer Program offers children the opportunity to develop their creative and social skills through a variety of summer activities and projects. The program incorporates CEFA’’s unique methodology as well as our proprietary CEFA games and curriculum related to Reading, Writing and Math.


A mini early childhood education schedule (½ day) with maximum flexibility for your lifestyle. CEFA MINIS is a truncated program with all the benefits of early learning. More than a pre-school, CEFA MINIS is the most sophisticated offering available, designed to give your child access to world-class curriculum and the experience of highly trained teachers, while giving you the convenience that you need at a price point that’s desirable. CEFA MINIS allows drop-ins.


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Evening and weekend child care. Description needed here.