5 Ways for Toddlers to Celebrate Father’s Day During Quarantine

Although your children are still young, you might have already established some Father’s Day family traditions, like brunch at dad’s favourite place, or going to a sports game or even a special event organized at school for dad. This year due to COVID-19, these traditions might have to be adjusted a little but there are plenty of ways we can still make dad feel special on his day. Here are some ideas to celebrate dad and make him feel loved and appreciated, from our very own homes.

1. Bring Dad Breakfast in Bed

Nothing shows appreciation more than making sure dad sleeps in on Father’s Day. Then treat him to a nice croissant, hot coffee and newspaper in bed when he wakes. Make sure your toddler helps you prepare the tray, make the coffee, warm the croissants and carry everything to dad’s bedside (except the hot coffee), so it really comes from your child. If breakfast in bed isn’t dad’s favourite, you can make brunch instead. Click here for instructions on how you can do this!

2. Treat Dad to A “Snack and Nap”

Help your toddler prepare a package with dad’s favourite snacks, drinks and magazines so he can snack before taking a nice long nap and catching up on sleep. For instructions on how to make the perfect snack and nap box, click here.

3. Make Dad His Favourite Meal for Dinner

Let dad know how well you know him by cooking the food he loves best to celebrate him this Father’s Day. If you are able and comfortable, invite the granddads too! Click here for step by step instructions on how to make this happen.

4. Take Dad Camping in Your Own Backyard

Don’t let the fact that campsites are closed deter you from going camping. Set up a whole camping trip right in your backyard, complete with barbecue, smores and stargazing all night. Click here to find out how to set it up.

5. Watch Dad’s Favourite Movie

Teach your toddler to learn more about their dad by asking dad to tell them all about his favourite movie (of course, dad is smart enough to know that he won’t be sharing his love for horror movies with baby just yet, and will choose one that he knows baby will love too – maybe even cartoons from when he was a young boy). You can prepare popcorn and drinks to bring for the whole family and cuddle up together for the movie. If it’s nice outside, you can even have an outdoor movie night. Dad will be happy to share his favourite film – and to get to choose for once! Your toddler can ask dad about why he loves that movie and about when he was a little boy.

This year, dad might be needing a celebration more than ever, so don’t let quarantine get in the way of making it a really special day for someone who makes every day special for his little ones. Here are more ideas you can do from home. Have a happy Father’s Day this coming Sunday!

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