Celebrating Success at CEFA West Vancouver – Park Royal

Did you hear? CEFA is expanding, and we’re excited to share a tour of one of our newest locations: CEFA West Vancouver – Park Royal. It opened in August 2022 and is serving the busy and growing community of West Vancouver around Park Royal North.

This newest CEFA location has already become an integrated part of the neighbourhood throughout the West Vancouver district and nearby communities. It plans to continue supporting the local community and provide opportunities for the students to interact with the community.

The CEFA classrooms are stunningly beautiful and bright. It covers 9,400 square feet and six spacious classrooms with large windows (perfect for natural light). The kids enjoy over 3,000 square feet of outdoor playground space to run around and explore during outdoor playtime or guided activities or exploration.

CEFA is an early learning private school that offers a proprietary curriculum to students at its various locations, including Park Royal. We focus on the most critical time in childhood brain development, ages 1-5, when nearly 90% of brain growth happens. We use this opportunity to teach our students the foundational skills they need to last a lifetime.

What sets our school apart from other childcare centers on the North Shore is the science-backed, sophisticated curriculum and how we train our ECE-licensed teachers to teach it. CEFA Teacher Training provides teachers with the tools to successfully lead students through the CEFA curriculum, to be inspired, and to inspire others.

Meet a CEFA Lions Gate parent!

Here’s what parent Behrad had to say about their child’s experience at CEFA West Vancouver – Park Royal:

“I could not even imagine a daycare as good as CEFA Park Royal when we were searching for the best daycare in North Shore.

My son has shown remarkable development in his skills since he started with his new daycare. He loves his class teachers and feels comfortable around them.

Caring and professional staff, brand new space well designed for a daycare setting, and most importantly, a well-versed management team makes CEFA Park Royal an outstanding facility to leave your child with them confidently.

I highly recommend this place as a parent.”

– Behrad Hedayatfar

Meet the Principal: Eva Li

CEFA – West Vancouver – Park Royal is run by principal Eva, who has been working at CEFA for two years. She has explored many careers in her life but now feels that education is her calling. We heard Eva talk about the school curriculum in our recent CEFA magazine. This time, she shares more about how the role is personally fulfilling and about the team she has built.

It was the growth opportunities that attracted Eva to the CEFA Early Learning schools:
“CEFA has a complete system that allows driven and passionate educators to always receive up-to-date ECE information, learn from other competent professionals and move up to leadership roles.”

Like with many CEFA educators, working directly with the students is the most exciting part of her day:
“Having explored diverse careers in the past decade, the feeling of prolonged excitement that wakes me up daily is due to those little human beings.”

Eva’s diverse career and life experiences have prepared her for this new role:
“I was offered various opportunities to volunteer and work with different employers and educators in this field around BC. Among those experiences, four of them were with CEFA. It has been a privilege to be part of the CEFA team as I have received valuable resources and guidance from all departments. They prepared me and gave me confidence in taking over the principal role.”

At CEFA, Principals get to interact with the students regularly. It’s one of Eva’s favourite parts of the day at CEFA:
“Walking into a classroom and spending some time with the children is my regular work treat!”

Eva works with a fabulous team of educators and staff members:
”Qualifications matter when it comes to hiring. However, experiences, passion, personalities, and the motivation to learn and thrive as CEFA educators are what we value the most and that make our staff special.”

The CEFA curriculum is the most robust and sophisticated in Canada. We asked Eva what part of the CEFA curriculum her students enjoys the most:
“Our students seem to mostly enjoy the Reading curriculum or group time. Reading occurs in a group setting where everybody gathers on the designated carpet area to conduct learning activities, to socialize, and to play games. This approach eases the traditional way of learning and teaching and creates an engaging and dynamic environment for children to gain knowledge intuitively.”

The Future of Early Learning Child Care on the North Shore

Each day brings the students at CEFA West Vancouver – Park Royal exciting new challenges and opportunities to promote healthy physical and cognitive growth. Eva and her team of ECE licensed Teachers are ready to finish their first year in operation with continued success.

The future is limitless for our CEFA schools in West and North Vancouver, and we look forward to seeing their growth and fun over the coming years. Eva is honoured to support your children through their early years and will continue to use the unique CEFA methodology to provide age-appropriate learning opportunities for all students in her care.

Visit our website to view current openings or waitlist details for our CEFA West Vancouver – Park Royal school.

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