Growing with CEFA  North Vancouver – Lions Gate

Today we’re highlighting one of our newest schools: CEFA North Vancouver – Lions Gate. The school opened in June 2021 and is mere steps from the new Lions Gate Recreation Centre, creating opportunities for the children to be involved in the community.

The space features high ceilings and plenty of room for children to learn and explore over 9,500 square feet, plus an outdoor playground made from pour-in-place (PIP) rubber for a safe, soft feel under our kid’s feet. Each of the six indoor classrooms features large floor-to-ceiling windows to let in as much natural light as possible. It is one of three schools in the North Vancouver area.

Like all our CEFA schools, we focus on the most critical time in a child’s brain development: ages 1—5, when nearly 90% of brain growth occurs. This time is ideal for developing foundational skills to last a lifetime. That’s why CEFA Methodology is centred around exposing children to S.T.E.M., Literacy, Arts, and Mindfulness and providing this high-quality education utilising the latest knowledge and studies around early childhood education.

Meet a CEFA Lions Gate parent!

Here’s what parent Pearl had to say about her child’s experience at CEFA Lionsgate:

“CEFA at Lions Gate Village is the center of excellence and immensely caring faculty for our growing daughter. Thank you all the teachers from N to JKs, you are our heroes in all great ways 💝 Right from the beginning admissions to the graduating from one class to next, it’s been a pleasure to work with the staff in our child developmental journey. Special kudos to admin and leadership staff for making it much more warm and lovable for all of us during the week during drop off, and school hours.

This is a facility that reflects on true capability of educating alongside creating a sense of community and belongingness to kids that is critical to growing kids in a diverse society. The kitchen staff is key for taking care of kids’ nutrition and evolve interest in trying new food items – so much LOVE. Big THANKS CEFA family.”

– Pearl Kharub

Meet the Principal: Lidia Mora

CEFA North Vancouver – Lions Gate is run by principal Lidia Mora, whos’ been working for CEFA since 2019. She considers herself lucky to be part of such an amazing community and we’re lucky to have her passion and dedication to our school.

The depth of the CEFA curriculum is what drew Lidia to CEFA when she started in 2019: 

“I met a senior teacher from CEFA North Vancouver who was very passionate about working at CEFA and she introduced me to the school. I loved CEFA right away as I was used to teaching curriculum in the early years and I was looking for a school that taught young children and not only gave them toys to play with no purpose. I read about the curriculum and I saw the teachers implement it and fell in love with the school. I truly believe that CEFA is the best place for children to get ready for school and learn. When a position became available, I didn’t think twice and I applied for the job.”

Even today, she feels blessed to come to work every day:

“Seeing our children, teachers and families so happy to be here makes me feel very excited about coming to work every day. As part of the management team, I feel blessed to work with two wonderful and experienced CEFA educators who always look out for me. I consider myself very lucky to work in this beautiful school, very grateful for our wonderful families and educators and I feel very loved by everyone!”

She goes on to talk about the inclusivity in the CEFA experience:

“When I first started working at CEFA, I learned that inclusive practice was considered essential in our job. I have personally witnessed children with special needs and how the community involvement makes a huge difference in these children’s lives and it is beautiful. My first experience at CEFA was a support worker with a child with special needs, and seeing the child adjust and how happy he was at school had a deep impact on me. CEFA provides opportunities for everyone and encourages children to develop their skills in a safe and nurturing environment.”

Lidia loves that her school can be so closely connected with the local community:

“Our school is located in a new neighborhood that is currently developing. We are lucky to count on the community centre across from us where we were invited for Halloween and we have families attending who live in the homes around us. We are creating bonds with the neighbors and businesses around our school and there is a strong sense of community that will develop further when the developments around us are all built and more families move into this beautiful part of town.”

When asked what excites Lidia about the future of childcare, she’s excited about the increased attention that Early Learning childcare is receiving amongst Canadian families: 

“I believe that childcare is receiving more attention and is being given the extreme importance it deserves, which is really exciting. Seeing how the quality of educational programs for educators is increasing is very refreshing and crucial for our role as a leading junior kindergarten program. As a CEFA educator and principal, counting on CEFA systems for support and training is highly appreciated and it’s only getting better!”

Lidia talks to CEFA prospective parents every day about the benefits for CEFA schools: 

“I would tell them that I don’t think there is a better Junior Kindergarten in BC for children to explore all areas of development in a safe environment with the most motivated, knowledgeable and caring educators than CEFA. Our curriculum is designed to enable environments that will provoke the child’s curiosity and our educators are always there to assist our children in their learning journey and extend and adjust the experiences provided according to their needs. We believe in the uniqueness of every child and respect individual needs and we foster relationships among children, educators and families, which has a huge impact in children’s lives.”

An Exciting Future for CEFA North Vancouver – Lions Gate

Each day brings our CEFA students exciting new challenges and opportunities to problem-solve. Lidia and her team of ECE licensed Teachers go through the CEFA Teacher Training. This training is unique to CEFA and sets us apart from other non-CEFA child care centres in North Vancouver.

The future is limitless for the CEFA North Vancouver – Lions Gate community and we look forward to seeing their growth and fun over the coming years. Lidia is honoured to support your children through their early years and understand how important this time is in their brain development. She and her team use the CEFA methodology to provide age-appropriate learning opportunities and methods for your children.

Visit our website to view current openings or waitlist details for our CEFA North Vancouver – Lions Gate school.

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