Celebrating with CEFA North Vancouver – Capilano Mall

This Fall, CEFA North Vancouver – Capilano Mall is celebrating over 14 years of providing high-quality Early Learning and child care to children in the North Vancouver community. We’ll take a closer look at this Vancouver Early Learning school, meet a parent and the Principal, and show you where to learn more about CEFA schools.

CEFA North Vancouver – Capilano Mall is conveniently located on the 3rd floor of Capilano Mall and has provided a quality CEFA experience for children since it opened in September 2008. It’s our 3rd oldest school and boasts a large outdoor playground, an engaging indoor play area, an art room, and a cinema room. It is currently one of three schools on the Vancouver North Shore.

Founder Natacha Beim opened the first CEFA school in 1998. Today we have over 36 schools serving communities in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. We focus on the most critical time in a child’s brain development: ages 1-5 when nearly 90% of brain growth occurs. This time is ideal for developing foundational skills to last a lifetime. That’s why CEFA Methodology is centred around exposing children to S.T.E.M., Literacy, Arts, and Mindfulness and providing this high-quality education utilising the latest knowledge and studies around early childhood education.

Meet a CEFA North Vancouver parent!

Here’s what parent Jessie had to say about her child’s experience in North Vancouver:

“What I like the most about CEFA curriculum is that they let the kids learn from playing.

8 hours a day with lunch is the biggest benefits for us since my husband and I work from Monday to Friday. Teachers in CEFA North Vancouver are super nice, and kids love to go to school every day. We can see the improvements kids gained at school.

Since my first language is not English, CEFA helped us to help my kids’ learn letters, words and colours.”

Meet the Principal: Alexandra Stevens

Not only do our kids and parents love the CEFA experience, our Educators and Principals do too! CEFA North Vancouver – Capilano Mall Principal, Alexandra, prides herself on the quality of care and early learning she and her team provides their young students. Each of their ECE licensed Teachers go through the CEFA Teacher Training. This training is unique to CEFA and sets us apart from other child care centres in North Vancouver.

The uniqueness of the CEFA curriculum is what drew Alexandra to CEFA when she started in 2014:

“I started working at CEFA as a JK3 Teacher, and I fell in love with the schedule and curriculum. I was able to see the difference I made in the children’s Early Learning and education. My co-workers and I would come up with really fun activities and outings which were very rewarding as an Early Childhood Educator. Everyone was welcoming and in no time I felt part of the CEFA North Vancouver family.”

Even today, she absolutely loves coming to work every day:

“I love coming to work and seeing the children, the interactions with them, and their pure hearts. I feel blessed to be a part of their early years. I love interacting with the parents and making them feel comfortable leaving their children in our care. My older daughter was a student here, graduating in 2017 and now my younger one has just started JK2. It is so wonderful to drop her off in the morning knowing she is well cared for as well as given many opportunities to learn and explore the world around her.”

She goes on to talk about her favourite part of the curriculum:

“I love the power it gives to each child. They are confident and inquisitive when they are given the opportunity to do for themselves and share their ideas. The curriculum allows each child to shine and have new experiences! With each day comes an exciting new challenge or gives the children an opportunity to problem solve.”

Alexandra has brought together a team of Early Learning educators who work together to provide the children of North Vancouver with a high-quality care experience. She’s seen the impact CEFA has made on her own children, who came home with so much knowledge and experiences that helped her more easily transition into Kindergarten:

“At 2-years old, my little one had the ability to transition smoothly through the program, singing songs she is learning and making strong bonds with her peers as well as her teachers. With my older daughter, I saw the difference CEFA made in her life when she started Kindergarten. She was able to follow the classroom schedule and was academically prepared for this transition to elementary school. This helped put my mind at ease as well, as it can be a difficult time, making new friends, and being in a big school.’’

She goes on to talk about her kids being the reason she recommends CEFA to other parents:

“I have seen the positive impact that CEFA has had on my own children, and know that the teachers are mindful and collaborate regarding the children’s well being while delivering an exciting day of learning.”

Over the years she’s had many proud moments as a CEFA Principal:

“I feel proud when the teachers feel proud of their planning, ideas, or documentation. I know then that they feel supported and excited about teaching the children in our school. I have had many proud moments during my time here. I love the collaboration that takes place when implementing the CEFA curriculum.”

Congrats to CEFA North Vancouver – Capilano Mall

Each day brings our CEFA students exciting new challenges and opportunities to problem-solve. [Alexandra] and her team at CEFA North Vancouver – Capilano Mall are honoured to support your children through their early years and understand how important this critical time (age 1-5) is in their brain development. She and her team use the CEFA methodology to provide age-appropriate learning opportunities and methods for your children.

We currently have openings for new students in our CEFA North Vancouver – Capilano Mall location. Inquire today about enrolling your child in CEFA.

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